Vanessa Stoykov

Inspiring financial educator, best-selling author; Founder and CEO of Evolution Media Group 

Vanessa Stoykov is on a mission to help Australians get real about money. With over two decades of experience in the wealth creation space, Vanessa knows how important it is to have courageous conversations in order to achieve financial freedom.  

From her 22-year history of owning a financial services education-focused media business, Evolution Media Group, Vanessa has a deep understanding of the finance world and has the unique ability to communicate this in a way that everyday people can understand. Through storytelling, and creating engaging and educational content without the jargon, Vanessa helps Australians make better money decisions.  

She is also the Founder of NMP Education, creator of the international award-winning TV series – Secrets of The Money Masters: The Investment Series, and the author of best-selling book The Breakfast Club for 40-Somethings. Vanessa regularly appears in the media outlets such as, Sydney Morning Herald, ABC and The Today Show as a financial educator.  

Together with her creative husband Paul, Vanessa has three sons and knows firsthand the importance of telling money stories that matter.