About Us

Happiness is important. It’s important for your own life satisfaction and enjoyment. And it is equally important for your family, the people in your care and the people you work with.

Since 2006, Happiness & Its Causes has been an important forum for exploring the many and varied causes for a happy and fulfilling life. We present the world’s brightest minds in psychology, science, education, business and the arts over an unforgettable two days. Be inspired by a faculty of 40+ speakers from around the world, presenting to an audience of 1,000+ conference delegates.

Join us at Happiness & Its Causes 2020 for a rich and inspiring experience, connecting with like-minded delegates and speakers. Explore the big questions in life and uncover what will bring lasting, genuine happiness for you, those you love and those in your care. It is equally relevant to individuals and professionals. Bring your whole family or work group to this inspiring event!



Is Happiness & Its Causes 2020 going ahead?
Yes – Covid-19 has dramatically changed our lives and the way we work. The days of large gatherings being allowed to go ahead is still so uncertain, so the decision was made to take the conference virtual in November 2020. We are so excited to bring the event to you virtually!  

When/Where Will the Virtual Happiness & Its Causes Be Held?  
Happiness & Its Causes 2020 will be held over four consecutive days, on 19 – 20 November 2020, online using event platform – HOPIN. The virtual conference and workshops give delegates the same access to top speakers from Australia and around the world from the comfort and safety of their home or workplace.   

How Does the Virtual Festival Work?  
Held online over four days, Happiness & Its Causes 2020 features the 2 day conference and 2 days of interactive post conference workshops. And we’ve kept all the elements of the physical experience that you love – keynotes, presentations, panels, Q&A, live face to face networking and virtual exhibition booths

Can I Network at the virtual event? 
Yes, you can network at Happiness & Its Causes virtual via the dedicated networking area. You will be randomly matched up with other attendees, speakers, sponsors or exhibitors. You can exchange contacts if you like, but no pressure as you will not see who has exchanged contacts with you until after the event finishes. You cannot be matched with the same person twice! 

What Time Will the Virtual Conference Start And Finish?  
 The virtual conference will run from 9:00am – 5.30pm on Thursday 19th and Friday 20th November 2020.
The virtual workshops will run from 10.30am – 3.30pm on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd November 2020.

What is the Difference Between a General Attendee and a Gold Ticket Attendee?  
General Attendee tickets gives you full access to the virtual 2-day conference.  

A GOLD ticket has the added bonus of exclusive 90-day access to a video archive of all presentations. This allows you to watch presentations in your own time as well as watch presentations running consecutively in the real time event. The gold ticket ensures you will not miss out on anything. 

Can I watch the virtual event in my own time after the event?  
Only with the purchase of a GOLD ticket that has the added bonus of the exclusive 90-day access to a video archive if all the presentations.

Can I Attend Just The Workshops? 
Yes, you can attend the virtual workshops from as little as $195.



Can I join a Hopin event from a mobile device? 
Hopin’s web app is now available on mobile devices for attendees! While still in beta, you attendees can now attend your Hopin event from their phones and tablets with limited functionality. They can view the Stage, view Sessions, view Expo, chat, and use the Networking features of your event. 

Hopin Profile 
We highly recommend that you Complete your Hopin profile – think of this as your business card, it is what attendees will see, so add:

  • Your photo  
  • Your headline – should be as simple as job title, company name 

I can’t join a workshop session 
Note: the workshop sessions are moderated, you will not be able to join the session on camera unless the moderator approves your request. 
If you’re having trouble joining a Session, make sure you’ve completed the following. 

  • Your audio or video devices might not show up. If so, make sure you have enabled browser permission for Hopin to access your camera and microphone.  
  • Refresh the webpage – most of the time, a refresh of the webpage will fix most problems. 

My connection has frozen or dropped out
Try refreshing your browser.
If that does not work, please shut down the browser completely and restart re-enter the event.
If that does not work. Restart your computer and re-enter the event.

Hopin Compatibility
Currently Hopin events are compatible with Desktop (web) on the following browsers. 

  • Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox 
  • Other independent browsers that accept webRTC technology may be compatible. 
  • Safari is not fully compatible for video. 
  • Explorer/Edge is not compatible. 

I’ve joined the event but I can’t hear to see anything
If you can’t hear or see the video stream:

  • Make sure you are using Google Chrome
  • Check your sound settings and make sure your speakers aren’t on mute
  • Check your sound settings to make sure your speakers are the default speaker on the computer
You can also try restarting the browser and computer and re-enter the event.

The video and sound is choppy or I can’t hear people properly

There are a few things you can do to optimise your festival experience to avoid poor connections that result in video and sound issues. Most often this is due to internet connectivity issues. You can try:

  • Plugging your computer directly into your router or modem via an ethernet cable – it will give you the fastest connection speed
  • Doing a speed test to see how your internet speed is. Generally over 15-20mbps is a good speed and should ensure a smooth connections.
  • Using headphones will assist in hearing the best sound.


Will I Receive a Ticket? 
There is no physical ticket required for Happiness & Its Causes 2020You just need to register for the event in Hopin create a user profile and you will gain access to the event via your Hopin account. You will receive automated ‘Event Reminders’ and will be able to add the event to your calendar. 

I Already Have a Ticket to Happiness & Its Causes, How Do I Transfer to the Virtual Event? 
If you were a ticket holder for Happiness & Its Causes you should have received an email announcement and links of how to get your ticket(s) for the virtual Happiness & Its Causes 2020. If you haven’t received an email, please check you junk/spam folders or contact conferences@viconferences.com.au for assistance. 

Can I register for someone else? 
No – you can’t register on behalf of someone else. Each attendee will need to register for their own ticket, and create their personal profile in our event platform Hopin so they can login to access the live event. 

How Can I Obtain A Copy Of My Invoice/Receipt?  
If you require a tax invoice/receipt for Happiness & Its Causes 2020, please email your Hopin receipt to contact conferences@viconferences.com.au  and we will send you a tax invoice. 

What is the Cancellation Policy? 
All tickets are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend this event, a replacement delegate may be sent in your place at no extra charge. We do not provide refunds, credit notes or rollover to future events. 

All listed speakers are confirmed – however, sometimes life events such as illness or death in the family prevent speakers from making it at the last minute. Speaker cancellations do not affect the cancellation policy. Purchase of a ticket indicates that you have read and agree to comply with this cancellation policy. 

VI Conferences is not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of any speaker or program substitution or alternation, or the postponement or cancellation of an event. We suggest you consider investing in travel insurance, in case an extenuating event prevents you from attending.  

Bulk Ticket Purchases
We can assist with
 bulk ticket payment option for organisations purchasing 20+ tickets where you would pay in bulk and be sent a prepaid registration link for your staff to access and create their personal Hopin profiles and registrations. A 10% discount applies to purchases of 30+ tickets. Please contact conference@viconferences.com.au to arrange a bulk ticket purchase