We’re designing Happiness & Its Causes  2021 (now being held in March 2022 due to COVID restrictions) to be a powerful and uplifting event that will help you to create lasting positive changes in your life, family, community, workplace and in the world beyond. 

It will be a fun filled, thought provoking experience diving deep into themes such as the kindness revolution, finding meaning in life through reflection and connection, how an appreciation of beauty can enhance our resilience, living with vulnerability, and how to make ‘being human’ easier in tough times. 

A key focus will be on how to close the gap between our good intentions and our actual behaviour so we can enhance happiness, health and wellbeing for ourselves and others, and help to make the world a better place.   

Happiness & Its Causes will be run as a hybrid conference, so you can choose to attend in person or watch the event livestreamed.

We know that this year isn’t like other years. We’re all getting very good at expecting the unexpected. That’s why we want to give you confidence to book your LIVE @ ICC, Sydney, Happiness & Its Causes ticket, 17 & 18 March 2022, knowing that we’ve got you covered no matter what. Head to the register page for more info on our Book With Confidence Policy.


Dr Maria Sirois, positive psychologist and inspirational speaker who teaches internationally at the intersection of resilience and flourishing; author of Happiness After Loss, USA

Professor David Cooperrider, the world’s foremost authority on strengths based, positive change, Case Western Reserve University, USA

Ven Robina Courtininspiring Buddhist nun and founder, Liberation Prison Project, USA 

Hugh Mackay AO, renowned social psychologist, researcher and bestselling author

Rasmus Hougaard, best-selling author The Mind of the Leader; Founder and Managing Director, Potential Project International, Denmark

Roxy Danckwerts, renowned founder of Wild Is Life animal sanctuary & Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery, Zimbabwe

Shamash Alidina, one of the UK’s most popular mindfulness teachers and author of bestselling Mindfulness for Dummies, London, UK 

Professor Felicia A Huppert, Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Founding Director of the Well-being Institute, University of Cambridge, UK 

Anna-Louise Bouvier, one of Australia’s best known health and wellbeing commentatorsAdjunct Fellow, Macquarie University  

Gayle Kennedy, Wongaiibon woman of the Ngiyaampaa Nation, award-winning author and disability advocate

Bruce Pascoe, Yuin, Bunurong and Tasmanian man and award-winning author of Dark Emu 

Vicky Shukuroglou, artist and researcher dedicated to deepening our care and understanding of the Earth 

Sophie Scott, award winning medical reporter, ABC 

Dr Zac Seidler, clinical psychologist and leading advocate for men’s mental health, Director of Mental Health Training, Movember 

Dr Jonica Newbyaward-winning science reporter, author, TV presenter and director 

Yemi Penn, engineer, entrepreneur and mindset transformation leader

Dr Mark Cross, lead Psychiatrist in the ABC TV series, Changing Minds; author of Anxiety; SANE Board Director    

David Michie, internationally best-selling author and Mindful Safari Founder

Professor Ross Menzies, CBT specialist working with obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety disorders, and post-traumatic stress 

Dr Rachel Menzies, clinical psychologist and pioneering researcher into death anxiety and mental health 

Dr Kerry Howells, world-leading gratitude researcher, author and award-winning educator 

Matt Purcell, one of Australia’s leading young entrepreneurs; Founder & CEO of Social Kung Fu 

Rick Morton, award-winning journalist and author of acclaimed best-selling memoir, One Hundred Years of Dirt  

Vanessa Stoykov, inspiring financial educator, best-selling author; Founder of Evolution Media Group 

Gillian Coutts, mindful leadership consultant and Australian Country Director of Potential Project 

Kirsty Wirth, gut health guru and founder of Kultured Wellness 

Maggie Hamilton, writer and social researcher, who delights in new possibilities and dreams of an even better future for us all 

Corey Jackson, mental health researcher at the intersection of science and Buddhism; Founder of the Beyond Mindfulness Method

Dr William DeJean, inspiring educator and Founder, Unleash Learning™  

Bastian Fox Phelanwriter, zinemaker, musician, citizen scientist and keen rockpooler 

Sue Langley, master trainer and leading advisor in the practical application of positive psychology  

Dr Tim Sharp, (aka Dr Happy) leading positive psychologist – writer, speaker and consultant 

Phil Lee, entrepreneur, author, spiritual practitioner and coach 

Toni Powell, storyteller and workplace culture wonderworker 

Evan Sutter, author, coach and founder of Hapzly, an organisation creating tools and initiatives to help make the world happier

Dr Suzy Green, leader in the fields of Coaching Psychology and Positive Psychology; Founder of The Positivity Institute 

Effie Fox, Director People & Culture, Lifeline

Dr Michelle McQuaid, best-selling author, wellbeing teacher and playful change activator  

Lizzy Williamsonpersonal trainer and fitness guru, author of Two Minute Moves   

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Happiness and Its Causes 2018 at the ICC Sydney

“Happiness & Its Causes is far and away the best conference I’ve ever been to.”

Robert Biswas-Diener, leading cross-cultural positive psychology researcher, USA

"Happiness & Its Causes is the largest positive psychology conference in the world.”

Tal Ben-Shahar, renowned teacher and author on positive psychology, Israel

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