Happiness & Its Causes

2 November 2024 | Sydney Conservatorium of Music

19th Annual Conference

The world’s leading conference on happiness & wellbeing is back

Since 2006, Happiness & Its Causes has been an important forum for exploring the many and varied causes for a happy and fulfilling life. It presents the world’s brightest minds in psychology, science, education, business and the arts, stimulating a rich dialogue in one unforgettable day.

Happiness & Its Causes returns in 2024 with a new venue, format and vitality! Join us for an extraordinary exploration of the tools and techniques for a happier life at the magnificent Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

This Year's Extraordinary Speakers

Professor Patrick McGorry AOpsychiatrist and leading youth mental health advocate, world-renowned for developing innovative early interventions and services; Professor of Youth Mental Health, University of Melbourne; Founding Director, Orygen 

Dr Stephanie Dowrick, multi-award winning author, coach, psychotherpay researcher and coach, recognised for her leading contribution to multi-cultural, inter religious understanding through her books and non-sectarian teaching and scholarship.

Professor Ian Hickie,  Co-Director of Health and Policy, Brain and Mind Centre, University of Sydney
A global leader in mental health research and digital innovations in care

Professor Jill Bennett, Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow, Felt Experience & Empathy Lab
A pioneer in the use of technology to transform our internal experience and our relationship to the world

Professor Felicia Huppert, a world-renowned psychologist and researcher in the science of well-being and the promotion of human flourishing

Timothea Goddard, Founding Director, Openground
A pioneer in bringing Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction to Australia over the past 16 years

Dr Suzy Green, renowned expert in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology

Dr Gordon Spence registered psychologist, exercise scientist, executive coach, senior lecturer, and researcher; author of Get Moving Keep Moving; founder of the Healthy Ageing Project

Tetiana & Anastassia, Ukrainian Refugees
A personal story of how difficult times can make us stronger

Dr Vijay Kumar, a senior psychologist with a diverse background in education, counselling, and sports psychology; focused on developing practical models to enhance psychological strengths for athletes through mental skills training.

Gail O’Brien AO, Director on the board of Chris O’Brien Lifehouse
A prominent advocate for holistic and integrated cancer care.

Nadia Piave, is a teacher, performer and concert producer who will discuss her own continuing journey to happiness through the lens of her teaching studio

Blake McGee, founder, the Ripple Movement
Has been working on charity projects for at least two decades and working in the community services industry for around 15 years.

Derya Guzel, Director Psychleaders, Principal Psychologist 
A highly experienced and skilled Wellbeing Specialist; guest speaker on ABC National’s Life Matters Radio program.

Nicholas Yu, founder Humankind Australia,
An expert on cultivating wellbeing, speaking on the benefits of gratitude

Anita Smith, Clinical Psychologist, The Mind Lab
Recognising the uniqueness of every person, Anita utilises a variety of evidence-based therapies, tailoring therapy to you and your needs.

“Happiness & Its Causes is far and away the best conference I’ve ever been to.”

“Really engaging. Walked away with many useful tools for the mind, soul, and body. It recharged my energy and optimism.”

"I was totally blown away by the quality of speakers, the program... I will return each year.”