Toni Powell

Storyteller, workplace culture wonderworker and author of What A Feeling! – Finding love, freedom & the good life through creating great relationships

Toni Powell is the owner of an interesting life that has included being an award winning filmmaker, a very wayward teenager, a mother of five, an author, a jewellery designer, a TEDx & Goalcast speaker, a victim of gang rape, a film festival director, the subject of ABC’s ‘Australian Story’, a gifted storyteller, a homeless squatter  and, these days (would you even believe it?), a specialist in wellbeing, happiness and great relationships.  

She’s proof you that never know what life will bring, that failure and disaster can be a fantastic springboard and that you can overcome almost anything with a few simple tools. Oh, did I mention she’s also kinda funny and accidentally (with zero stand up experience) opened for Dylan Moran at one of the world’s top comedy clubs in Edinburgh? It’s a great story – make sure you ask her about it. 

PS: Her grankids call her Noni