Roxy Danckwerts

Renowned founder of Wild Is Life animal sanctuary & Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery, Zimbabwe 

Roxy Danckwerts is the founder of a wildlife sanctuary and the first elephant orphanage in the heart of Zimbabwe. At Wild Is Life, many of the orphans Roxy has rescued have been brought up in her home – so it’s not unusual to see Pickles the warthog having a nap on the sofa or Noodle the wildebeest wandering through the dining room. At ZEN, Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery, orphaned baby elephants are reared and eventually released into a new herd in the wild. 

Roxy’s been helping sick and orphaned animals for nearly 20 years. She rescued and rehabilitated many different species – from African cats to primates and birds. Under the tutelage of some of southern Africa’s most esteemed animal experts, Roxy has gained knowledge, experience and a great reputation for her care and rehabilitation of animals in trouble. Roxy’s dedication to her animals is awe-inspiring and what drives her is…”simply love” she says.