Phil Lee

Personal transformation and peak performance expert

With an extensive and proven background in personal and professional development Phil Lee is a THE personal transformation, engagement and peak performance expert. He is also a very inspiring and entertaining speaker – Think – Tony Robbins meets Jack Black! Simply, Phil has an extraordinary ability to be able to inspire people and teams to effect positive change, WHERE THEY ARE RIGHT NOW.

Following tragic family circumstances that resulted in him being anything but the Rockstar of his own life until the age of 30, Phil managed to successfully turn his life around. He founded the Australian arm of one of the world’s largest leadership training and coaching organisations and for the last 13 years his passion and purpose has been to inspire others to take charge of their own life, make positive change, and to develop their inner “Rockstar”.

Phil knows what it takes to help business people willingly move outside their comfort zone and take their performance and level of engagement to a new level.

He has been married to his wife Sandy for over 30 years and they have two amazing daughters. Jodi, 27, is a Journalist and TV news reporter with a major network. Dani, 24, is a recent Law Graduate and is about to commence her career with one of the country’s top tier firms. They live in Sydney, between Sydney Harbour and Bondi Beach.

In his keynote Phil also startlingly reveals something he achieved in his 60th year that he’d only ever dreamed about and never believed was possible (hint…it has nothing to do with mountain climbing or marathon running but it is something most people have secretly harboured a desire to achieve). All who hear Phil’s story are inspired to move beyond their own comfort zone and attempt to scale new heights personally and professionally.