Evan Sutter

Author, coach and founder of Hapzly, an organisation creating tools and initiatives to help make the world happier 

Evan Sutter is an author, consultant and founder of Hapzly, an organisation creating tools and initiatives to help make business and the world happier. He is the creator of the short online course Happier, a one on one coach, the host of the podcast Sutterfaction, and author of the journal, Awake, designed to be a toolkit for optimal health and happiness.  

Evan plays at the intersection of philosophy, psychology, art, business, health and happiness. He’s dedicated the past 7 years of his life to exploring the topics of happiness, meaning, fulfilment and aliveness. While living in the forests of a Buddhist Monastery with his monk brother, he wrote the book, Solitude: How Doing Nothing Can Change The World, and conceived a start-up to teach individuals the skills to live happy and full lives. He has evolved this work to focus on business, culture and employee well-being too, to utilise the incredible reach of business and drive positive change for everyone.  https://www.evansutter.com/