Dr William DeJean

Inspiring educator and Founder, Unleash Learning™ 

Dr William DeJean is the founder and CEO of Unleash Learning™. Over the past 25 years, William has helped thousands of educators learn how to make learning stick.  

William started out as a high school teacher in San Diego, where he was named Teacher of the Year among 26,000 teachers. He’s taught at universities in the US and Australia and is an internationally recognised researcher. A sought-after keynote speaker, William has presented at TEDX Canberra, Young Minds and Happiness and Its Causes. 

William created Unleash Learning ™ because no matter where he went he saw the innovative educators, schools, businesses and organisation who had important content, strategies and teaching programs, but still were struggling to ensure learning was sticking for everyone. 

William lives in Sydney and travels internationally to teach Unleash Learning™ (when COVID permits).