Dr Tjanara Goreng Goreng

Clinical psychologist passionate about sharing her expertise in managing anxiety and building resilience

Tjanara is a Wakka Wakka/Wulli Wulli Traditional Owner from Central Queensland who has lived and worked in Canberra, Tasmania, NT, Victoria, SA, WA and NSW and overseas in a 40-year career. She is a mother and grandmother and has a large extended family in Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Tjanara has been an academic lecturer and researcher at five Australian Universities, the Foundation Director of Aboriginal Education at Charles Sturt University, NSW, and the Director of the Centre for Aboriginal Education at the University of Melbourne. She is an Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Canberra Australia and a research Scholar at the Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research (CAEPR), Australian National University.

Tjanara has an extensive public service background in the Federal Government and the NSW and QLD State Government public services as a Director and Senior Policy Advisor. Tjanara has travelled and worked extensively overseas, in Italy, Denmark, India, Europe and the USA and Canada, facilitating Self Managing Leadership workshops for the Oxford Leadership Academy. Tjanara was a Senior Transformational Leadership Consultant at Zaffyre International mentoring the CEOs and GMs of major national and international corporate companies. Tjanara has delivered keynote speeches and workshops on recovery and healing at the International Indigenous “Healing Our Spirits Worldwide” Conference and the Soul Conference in Minnesota, USA, and at Indigenous International Education Conferences in her research field of Indigenous Studies, Family Systems Recovery and Leadership.   

Tjanara carries the traditions of her clan through medicine practice, being a Songwoman and teaching Aboriginal Law & Spirituality to people throughout the world. Tjanara is a published poet, writer, performer of traditional song and dance and is a contemporary Murri artist who regularly facilitates Aboriginal Women’s Business workshops and Aboriginal Law, Culture & Spirituality workshops in Australia and overseas. After completing her PhD ‘The Road to Eldership’ Tjanara has been working with groups and organisations in Australia and overseas in transformational leadership mentoring, supporting cultural systemic change and mentoring the next generation of sacred leaders. Tjanara is a member of the First Nations Aboriginal Writers Network and the Australian Association of Social Workers.