Gill Hicks

Survivor of the London terrorist bombings in 2005 and thought-provoking advocate for peace

In a time of rapid change, of growing fear and uncertainty of the world around us, we, more than ever, need to value the voices that bring reason through real and lived experience. 

Gill Hicks is one of the most powerful and thought provoking advocates on the value of sustainable peace through individual responsibility.

Her vital work, particularly in countering violent extremism, became her focus after she was left severely and permanently injured from the actions of a suicide bomber in the co-ordinated attack on London’s transport network in July, 2005. 

Prior to the bombings, Gill was a respected figure within the fields of Architecture and Design in London, from Publisher of Blueprint to Director of Dangerous Minds Design and then Head Curator at the Design Council, Gill was and has continued to be recognized and awarded for her many contributions to the Arts, Health care and Peace Building.  

Combining her passion for Design and her devotion to building peace, she formed M.A.D. Minds – a ‘think’ and ‘do’ agency specifically to find solutions to the challenges that face local, national and international societies. 

A published author, musician, artist and mother, Gill’s appreciation and gratitude for life is prevalent, she is certainly a living testament to what can be achieved through courage, belief and absolute determination.  

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