Fay Jackson

Inspirational mental health advocate

Fay is the CEO of Vision In Mind, Deputy Commissioner for Mental Health at the NSW Mental Health Commission, and General Manager of Inclusion at Flourish Australia, a large not for profit supporting people with mental health issues.

Although Fay Jackson has achieved all this and more, she had her first permanent job at the age of 40. She had been told by three different psychiatrists over the years that “You will never have a career and you will never be a contributing member of society”. She believed them and became a victim to her diagnosis of bipolar until she met a Peer Worker who told her she could recover. She started her career in mental health as a volunteer, then gained a job as a two day per week advocate in a Mental Health service. Within two years she became a director of the service. She then went on to establish her business, Vision In Mind, and has been a Deputy Commissioner of the NSW Mental Health Commission since March 2013.  She has been with Flourish Australia since 2014. She is dedicated and passionate about her work and about services improving the lives of people with mental health issues on their journey of recovery.

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