Dr Jodie Lowinger

Clinical psychologist passionate about sharing her expertise in managing anxiety and building resilience 

Dr Jodie Lowinger is an award winning clinical psychologist, international expert in anxiety, mindset and resilience and CEO/Founder of the Sydney Anxiety Clinic, where she has helped thousands of adults, children and adolescents with anxiety, stress, mood and behavioural challenges. As a keynote speaker and internationally published author of ‘The Mind Strength Method: Four Steps to Curb Anxiety, Conquer Worry and Build Resilience’,Dr Jodie’s work has exploded since the covid pandemic. She is on a heart-driven mission to equip people with practical, proven techniques to relieve anxiety, stress, worry and fear and build resilient, high-performing and empowered action.  

Dr Jodie is also a High Performance and Mindset Coach to global business leaders and elite athletes, where she helps them engage in mindset, performance and resilience strategies to succeed. Alongside her work with executives and organisations, Jodie is a go-to anxiety and resilience expert for school principals, teachers, parents, children and adolescents.She received the University Medal for Psychology (UNSW) and has worked and trained at Harvard Medical School, Boston Children’s Hospital and St Vincent’s Hospital Anxiety Disorders Unit.  

Dr Jodie is on the board of several not-for-profit organisations to boost men’s mental strength and teen emotional wellbeing and is creating a Mind Strength Movement for resilient and empowered action worldwide.