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Samantha Hornitzky
User experience designer, artist, writer, avid solo traveller, and creator of the online column, Happiness in the Creative Industry

Samantha Hornitzky is a user experience designer, artist, writer and avid solo traveler. In 2014 she launched Happiness in the Creative Industry (hyperlink: www.kaleidopress.com/author/shornitzky.), a column published via Kaleidopress that aims to empower creative people to make fulfilling career choices. Samantha decided to write solution-focused content that would have helped her previous self through all-too-common setbacks such as redundancy, churn-and-burn workplaces and sexism. She found that discussing theses issues was socially taboo during the most challenging times. Magic is the medicine Samantha found abroad, and has brought it back to her homeland to share.


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