Dr Paula Robinson  

Dr Paula Robinson

Consulting psychologist specialising in the science, application and integration of traditional psychology and positive psychology

Following a career as a senior executive, Dr. Paula Robinson is now a registered, consulting Psychologist, speaker, author and Managing Director of the Positive Psychology Institute specializing in the science, application and integration of traditional Psychology and Positive Psychology. Paula has completed her Ph.D on conceptualising and measuring Mental Fitness as well as numerous research studies, book chapters, invited keynote presentations and strategic positive change programs for government, private organisations, schools and the wider community. Paula has been invited to present at conferences in Australia, Paris, Doha Singapore and China on her work with schools and organizations.

Paula has worked with over 2,000 schools, training and implementing both large and smaller scale Positive Education programs for leaders, teachers, students and parents. In particular, Paula has consulted for the past 7 years on the Knox Grammar Total Fitness initiative. Paula is currently a lecturer for the University of Wollongong, Sydney Business School, Laureate Universities and guest lecturer at Melbourne University's Graduate School of Education. Paula has also just published her first book entitled Practising Positive Education: A Guide to Improve Wellbeing Literacy in Schools.


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