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Jan Elston
Works for Relationships Australia as Co-ordinator of the Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub funded by the Queensland Mental Health Commission

Jan Elston works for Relationships Australia Qld as Coordinator of the Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub for Logan and the Southern Moreton Bay Islands. Funded by the Queensland Mental Health Commission, the aim of the Hub is to inspire, inform, and enable people to thrive and flourish, through providing research-based information and education on how to improve happiness, wellbeing and positive mental health. Working with community partners, the Wheel of Wellbeing and Mental Well-being Impact Assessment toolkit have been key approaches Jan and partners have used to meet these aims. Jan has worked for over 25 years in the fields of individual, team, organisational and community development and community education. She has a passion for learning and for sharing the knowledge that we all have the potential to enhance our happiness and wellbeing and to flourish in life.

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