Holley Somerville Knott

Holley Somerville Knott
Inspiring 13 year old social justice and environmental activist

Holley is a 13 yr old CEO and founder of her own charity, an award winning public speaker, founder of social enterprise Tell Someone Who Cares, speaker with United Nations Australia, soul singer, slam poet and business chick! Her message -Its Kool 2 B Kind !

Holley started her charity at age 8 to help the planet, people and animals in need, and since then has raised awareness on many social justice and environmental issues as well as thousands of dollars. She has won many awards and travels the country educating and inspiring people to care about themselves and others as a pathway to happiness.

Holley's current project 'Tell Someone Who Cares' is a solutions based platform driven by a sustainable product range, aimed at disrupting the palm oil industry and providing a place for youth to unite, connect and find their purpose and passion


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- Day 2 Friday 23rd June 2017

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