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Cris Popp
Australia's leading workplace laughter coach and thought leader on innovation, performance, resilience and leadership

Cris was one of the first people in Australia to introduce positive psychology to the workplace, both to increase staff well-being, and improve performance. Under the banner of “Happy hour is 9-to-5”, he introduced a range of programs on reducing and managing stress, mindfulness, creating happy, high-performance workplaces and resilience which are renowned.

Cris is also Australia’s leading workplace laughter leader. Since training with the founder of the world wide laughter yoga movement, Dr Kataria, Cris has led laughter sessions in hundreds of organisational and social settings, including board rooms, parties, strategic reviews, team meetings and conferences.

His interest in positive psychology and happiness stemmed from having to address a number of personal issues, and improve his wellbeing as far back as 1996. Cris wanted more than the usual choices of medication or therapy, and began investigating what he could do for himself through positive psychology and Buddhism. He loved both of these approaches and the rest is history.

He now works as a speaker, facilitator and MC - wherever people need to combine the twin elements of high-performance and happiness. He believes that Monday morning should be something you look forward too - after all, happy hour really can be 9-to-5!


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