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Adam Ferrier

Consumer psychologist, regular panelist on The Gruen Transfer and one of Australia's best known and awarded advertising practitioners

Adam Ferrier is a consumer psychologist and one of Australia's best known and awarded advertising practitioners. Adam graduated from university with degrees in commerce and psychology, and began working life in a maximum security prison before marking the natural move to marketing consultancy.

After a stint at Saatchi & Saatchi, he co-founded and then sold the strategically led Behaviour change agency Naked communications in Australia. In 2013 he became an equity partner at Cummins&Partners (the 2016 Agency of The Year).
Adam published The Advertising Effect: How To Change Behaviour (Oxford) in 2014. He is a regular panelist on the Gruen series and appears on The Project and Mornings. He's written for, or been featured in publications, such as Contagious, Adage, Fast Company and Time.

Adam is also on the board of social influencer company Tribe, and social giving company Good Thnx.


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